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How YOU Can Earn $100 an Hour Working Online in 2014 (Doing What You LOVE For a Living)

By Alexa Ross

I’m going to share with you a simple “success” secret that can change your life.


It’s not something that you haven’t heard 1000 times in

the past. But for whatever reason, the chances are, if you are reading this article right now, you haven’t yet acted on it.

There is something in this world that you love. Something you do uniquely well. Something that you would probably do for free, simply because it feels like your natural “home” and the idea of getting paid for it almost sounds too good to be true.

You have a GIFT that you could share with the world, and quite literally… turn your sense of PASSION and purpose for what you love into an amazing living.

The simple step to take between loving something and being good at something and then turning that “something” into a successful career?

You can become a coach. You can teach, train, mentor, and help people who would LOVE to know what you know.

Did you realize that the average life coach, according to independent studies done in the last few years, earns about $160 per hour?

Or that the average specialty coach earns significantly more?

A specialty coach is simply defined as anybody off the standardized “life coach” style offers.

For example, business coaches have the highest average earnings of ANY work from home entrepreneur, with some published studies reporting that the top 25% of business coaches have on average 5 paying clients, and earn over $300 per hour.

I have clients who are in the psychic and spiritual niche, who earn MORE than the top paying business coaches, and often have waiting lists that exceed 3 months for appointments.

I know credit coaches, cooking coaches, addiction coaches, divorce coaches, wedding coaches and just about every possible permutation you can imagine.

The second key is simply to turn your CONTENT, into a curriculum, and package it in such a way as you can deliver maximum value to multiple people simultaneously. Or, said differently, take what you know and love and either write about it, or organize it in such a way as you can deliver a lot of value to a to a small group at an affordable price.

For example, it’s MUCH easier to get 20 people to pay $100 for a 90 minute teleseminar every week, than it is to get 1 person to pay you $2000 for one 90 minute session.

Do just one of these per week, and even if it takes you 20 hours to prepare 1 90 minute teleseminar and generate a list of folks who will be interested in signing up, you are already earning $100 per hour.

You can coach on the phone, via skye, via email, or even via live text chat… as I do every day!

The bottom line?

If you can create content, and you use that content to build a community and you can convert a small percentage of that community into clients, YOU can coach. That’s all there is too it – no gimmicks, no gadgets and no gurus required.

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Article Source: [$100-an-Hour-Working-Online-in-2014-(Doing-What-You-LOVE-For-a-Living)&id=8397738] How YOU Can Earn $100 an Hour Working Online in 2014 (Doing What You LOVE For a Living)


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